Since 2011 many products have been added to the StudioLASH range including an extensive selection of Eyelash/Eyebrow Extensions, Adhesives, Retail Products, Lash-Lift Perming & Volume Extension supplies.  StudioLASH products are available exclusively through trained / experienced Beauty Professionals ensuring a safe & correct application of all StudioLASH products.

With a network of experienced Cert IV TAA/TAE qualified trainers Australia-wide and with distributors globally, StudioLASH  are Australia’s leading provider of Salon Professional Eyelash/Eyebrow Extensions & Training Services.

Semi Permanent Mascara by StudioLASH
Inspired by the many women who passed through her studio, the StudioLASH brand was founded in early 2011 by qualified Beauty Therapist, Experienced Lash Technician & Professional Makeup Artist Claire Hudson.

Hearing so many of her clients wish for longer, fuller lashes without their makeup routines – with them in mind – StudioLASH Semi-Permanent Mascara was created.Ideal for active lifestyles & special events like weddings or holidays, StudioLASH SPM is smudge-resistant, completely waterproof and takes less than 30 minutes to apply.

Manufactured in the United Kingdom, StudioLASH SPM is compliant with European Chemical Standards 1907/2006/EC. StudioLASH is a blend of rubber-toughened Cyanoacrylate, Black Pigment & PMMAStudioLASH is free of Formaldehyde, Analine, Carcinogens, Heavy Metals & has been thoroughly tested on humans.

StudioLASH has taken Semi-Permanent Mascara to the next level having been developed for professional-use with OR without Eyelash Extensions. To ensure perfect consistency in every application, StudioLASH fibres have also been Pre-Mixed for ease of Therapist use.

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