Eyelash Extension Kit (Salon)

StudioLASH Eyebrow Extension Kit
StudioLASH Eyebrow Extension Kit


Ideal for salons/individuals establishing eyelash extension services – The StudioLASH® Salon Professional Kit includes:

  • 1x Beginner Glue (3g)
  • 2x Advanced Grade Glue (3g)
  • 1x Professional Glue (10g)
  • 2x Combo Brush
  • 2x S-Curve Tweezer
  • 2x Straight Tweezer – 12cm
  • 2x Straight Tweezer – 14.5cm)
  • 50x Pair Lint-Free Under Eye Pad
  • 4x 3M Micropore™ Medical Tape
  • 2x 3M Transpore™ Medical Tape
  • 2x 100 (200) Microbrush – 2.0/1.5 mm
  • 2x StudioLASH® Lip & Eye Cleansing Pads
  • 1x Eyelash Extension (Gel) Remover (15ml)
  • 1x Eyelash Extension Primer (15ml)
  • 2x Emergency Saline Eyewash
  • 1x Emergency Eyebath
  • 2x Jade Stone – Large
  • 1x Jade Stone – Small
  • 1x Crystal Stone
  • 25x Jade Stone Covers
  • 2x Silcon Lash Pads
  • Finger Holder for Lashes
  • Lash Pallete / Wrist Palette
  • Glue Odour Neutraliser
  • Large Mascara Wands x5
  • Disposable Mascara Wands x100
  • Sponge Pad / Puff Pad
  • Medi-Swabs x25
  • Air Puffer/Blower
  • Glue Rings /Glue Cups
  • Client After-Care Cards

Included is a selection of 6x 1g Pots of Loose Lashes.
J Curl (0.20t) x 9mm /11mm /13mm/ 15mm
B Curl (0.20t) x 8mm / 10mm /12mm /14mm

Plus a selection of Silk/Mink (PBT Fiber) Eyelash Extensions
16-Line Lash Tray B-Curl Silk Lash Tray (0.20t) x9/11/13mm
16-Line Lash Tray C-Curl Silk Lash Tray (0.20t) x9/11/13mm
16-Line Lash Tray B-Curl Mink Lash Tray (0.20t) x7~15mm
16-Line Lash Tray C-Curl Mink Lash Tray (0.20t) x7~15mm

If you prefer, choose your own combination of lashes from our massive selection !!

Questions or Queries ? Feel free to call us or email us from the bottom of this webpage.

** PLEASE NOTE: 24-36 Hours Processing time for shipping of all Kits **

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Price: $459.00
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