Nano Mister (USB)

Nano Mister USB
USB Charged Nano Mister

Perfect for the curing of Eyelash Extension Adhesives after treatment.


1. Product size:115x35x23 mm
2. Weight:65g
3. Water tank size:37×30.5x10mm
4. Water tank volume: 7mL
5. Power: 1.2 W
6. Battery: 550mah Li-Poly Battery
7. Charging Voltage: DC5V/500mA-1000mA
8. Charging Current: 300mA
9. Spray Volume: 1ml/Min
10. Standby Time Current: 0mA (When closed)
11. Working current: 280-350mA
12. Spary time: 30 seconds each time after switching on
13. Working time: after fully charged, can be used 120 times, 30 seconds each time

Price: from $37.95