Eyebrow Extension Glue (Skin-Safe / Clear)


StudioLASH® Clear Skin-Safe Adhesive is manufactured in the UK specially for Eyebrow Extensions. This is the ONLY adhesive suggested for applying Eyebrow Extensions directly onto skin and will normally last up to 2 weeks with correct client After-Care.

Skin-Safe Adhesive is intended for use with in 6-8 weeks from opening.  Available in 5g or 10g sizes and includes Zip-Lock Pouch with Silica Gel to absorbe any moisture in storage.  This item can be refrigerated in zip-lock pouch to extend the life of adhesive – Allow approx 1hr to return to room temperature.

NOTE: All products are intended for use by Experienced (Trained) Beauty Therapists.

Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom (UK)

Download: Eyebrow Extension Manual (Secure-PDF) / Material Safety Data Sheet

Price: from $37.95